Libraries are democracy machines. How is the OGP leveraging them? Examples I can find so far…

IREX & Beyond Access

IREX is listed as an OGP Supplier; they refer (less directly than I’d like) to the Beyond Access: Libraries Powering Development initiative:

IREX is currently working on a global initiative to partner with governments on reforming and developing public libraries as government information access points for their communities.


Open Government Partnership National Action Plan 2012, Under the heading “Self-service and reporting solutions”:

Peer-to-peer learning programmes to help citizens use digital self-service In collaboration with public libraries, community groups and volunteers, e.g. under the auspices of the Senior Citizens Association, information and peer-to-peer learning programmes will be implemented to help citizens and businesses obtain basic computer skills and learn to use digital self-service. Supporting the govenrment’s goal of “full digitisation” for citizens in 2015 and for businesses in 2013, new target groups can be reached, and information and guidance can be provided in various ways which match those groups’ needs through a broad collaborative effort.”


Ukraine Country Commitment: Implementation of e-government technologies and promotion of electronic democracy

Under “Technology & Innovation” — commitment description:

For the needs of open governance it is essential to introduce cutting-edge information and communication technologies, especially to maintain the dialogue between state institutions and social society by exploiting of interactive cooperation methods and potential of social networks, as well as to modernize the organization of government, increase government transparency and improve access to information. Permanent exchange of information between the Government, civil society institutions and the public is fundamental to formulating social and economic development priorities, accumulating social capital and increasing the country’s innovative capacity. The Government will introduce relevant interactive platforms as new mechanisms of joint partnership activities.

One of many activities is:

Arrangement and implementation of the “Public Libraries as Bridges to E-Government” initiative with a view to enable free access to official information, interaction between citizens and government via libraries, train librarians to use e-government resources and technologies, implement an awareness-raising campaign and popularize e-government.