Send a clear message that libraries provide vital services and opportunities

WRITTEN DECLARATION 0016/2013 “on the impact of public libraries in European communities” will raise awareness among Parliamentarians and European Commission officials that public libraries represent a 65,000 strong pan-European network of community-based institutions offering vital services which fuel aspiration, opportunity, and socio-economic development — especially for disadvantaged and marginalized populations.

Only 384 Parliamentarians need to sign for a big win

If the declaration is signed by more than 50% of the 766 sitting MEPs before January 7, 2014, then it will be adopted as the official position of the European Parliament and forwarded to the European Commission. The Commission must then respond explaining what it is doing connection with this issue within three months. If they don’t then one of the signatories can require that they appear before the Parliamentary Education and Culture Committee to provide an explanation. So getting a majority of signatures means increased recognition of the value of public libraries in connection with EU 2020 policy objectives. (And it’ll help ensure that this doesn’t happen in your country… so sad.)

Contact your Member of Parliament and ask them to sign

Are you an EU citizen? Then contact your national (or local) MEP and ask them to sign Written Declaration 0016/2013. Use this map to help you find your national/local MEP »

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Copies of the declaration in 23 more languages coming soon!

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