Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

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A few excerpts from “The Massive Open Online Professor”, by Stephen Carson and Jan Philipp Schmidt, which appeared in the May 2012 issues of Academic Matters: The Journal of Higher Education.

Aggregating Election Social Media to Prevent Conflict

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Mike Best and his team at Georgia Tech have designed a real-time election monitoring tool that aggregates social media content from about 20 different sources, including Twitter, Facebook, Ushahidi, blogs, and SMS messages.

Jellyweek DC — January 18 @TRYST in Adams Morgan

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Jellyweek is a self-organized global gathering. The idea is to get together, get some work done, and raise awareness about the global coworking movement. The event will be casual and informal. No programming. Just bring your laptop and work. I’m hoping local DC coworking folks will come represent and let us know about all of the options in the metro DC area.

Innovation Grounds 1.0

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This mind map lays out a framework for thinking about “innovation grounds” — spaces where people can come together and generate ideas, solutions, knowledge, culture, and relationships. It emerged from perceiving coworking spaces as next-generation telecentres; seeing connections between telecentres, coworking spaces, hackerspaces, and libraries; and being somewhat exasperated at how libraries are often overlooked as key actors in community development — despite the fact that they’ve always been places where people convene, learn, and create (especially information… and we’re in the information age, Hello!).

Policy & Technology: Edward Tufte at the Tech@State Data Visualization Event

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Despite the title, Tufte’s keynote for the Tech@State event on data visualization was the same that he gave at a one-day workshop I attended in 1999. It was a brilliant talk then, and it’s still good now. It could have been better if Tufte addressed implementation. The how. The practice of creating good infographics for decisionmakers.

Using mobile technology to collect data

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A few snippets from the “Mobile Technology and New Media: Trends and Opportunities” panel at the September 23 Tech@State event. No analysis. Just stuff I wanted to remember.

Hey! I’m gonna speak at the Creative Commons Salon

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The first Creative Commons Salon Montreal is taking place on December 21, 2010. The theme is open culture. We are going to talk open education, open web, web standards, licensing and the change that occurred on the internet, open publishing, open culture, remixing, video, DJing, and food.

Artefatica at the DIY Citizenship conference in Toronto

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On Saturday, November 13th, Emily Rose Michaud and Owen McSwiney are presenting the Roerich Garden Project at the DIY Citizenship conference in at the University of Toronto. Leslie Reagan Shade is moderating the panel, called Making Space. They’ll also have a spot in the Hack Space. How cool is that?

More on open development

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I realize from delving more into this that several of us have come to the same conclusion. I’m repeating myself but here goes: It’s not about building a big repository. Stop that. It’s about aggregating, not centralizing. Making it easy to find, aggregate, and mash up.

Global Impact Study: Montpellier workshop report

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I’m finally sharing this workshop report. It’s a personal account for those who were not able to attend. I’ve tried to give a sense of the flavor of the meeting and the range of topics and issues that came up. This is a large and complex project, presenting many challenges — from the methodological to the administrative. I did my best not to air dirty laundry, but also not to sanitize what I heard.