AkiraChix is an association that inspires and develops women in technology through networking, training, and mentoring. They launched  in April 2010 when a group of young female techies got together at the iHub and decided to create a network that increased visibility for women in tech.

In a continent where women form a majority of the population and half of the workforce, it’s deeply uncool that less than 15% of the people working in tech are women. Technology is projected to drive economic growth in Africa, so there more bad-ass girl geeks is good. Really good.

One of their programs, AkiraChix Training, trains young ladies from socio-economically challenged communities. The curriculum focuses on computer literacy, programming, design, and entrepreneurship. In the first batch of graduates, more than half went on to get jobs or consulting gigs with various IT firms.

To top it all off they also have great values:

Community — we put our community of women members first
Competitive — we are competitive in professional and academic fields
Disruptive — we are positively disruptive
Social impact — we care about social impact and doing good
Charismatic — we are charismatic, engaging, successful

Just the kinda folks I want to hang out with, and that y’all should support.

Go Girl Geeks!

Photo by AkiraChix, video by Cesar Harada.