7Beavers is a Montreal-based group of writers, filmmakers, painters, poets, dancers, actors, musicians — all concerned citizens, thinkers and doers. On May 25-27, 2012, they’re organizing a weekend symposium to coordinate and host participatory actions, events, and conversations to stimulate social innovation and promote the networking and consolidation of creative resistance movements working for change throughout Québec and Montréal.

The event is open, and will will be informal and based on small, rotating discussion groups guided by facilitators —  not experts — to encourage participation, collective reflection, sharing ideas and experiences, and lively debate and open dialogue.

The purpose? To stimulating engagement, reclaim the commons, and empower.

More at 7castors7beavers.wordpress.com.

(Personally I think they should have gone with 7honeybadgers, but that’s awkward to translate into French.)

Check out their awesome poster: